Since ancient times, porcelain has been the main decoration of luxury lending.

Each of us remembers, at least one piece that our grandmother had. Somewhere on the shelves as an adornment or for special occasions at weekly family gatherings.

Till today porcelain  kept the same sophistication. Remake adjusted it for you. Adding modern details fun, ironic and romantic messages. 

Hand-painted 24k gold handles.

Every beverage is tastier if you drink from a porcelain cup, enjoy it.

Check out our precious collection and find perfect combination redesign teacups.

Made and designed cups with love by Remake.

  • Mosaic plates

    Mosaic plates (1)

    Works of art made of vintage plates. Women’s portrait decorated with details of 24k gold. Made with the help of patchwork techniques, this unique piece dramatically converts vintage plates into real wall art. Unique details in your home, at the same time minimalist and efficient. Everything is in perspective, we have a female figure embedded in eternity as the embodiment of beauty, grace, and a strong spirit.
  • Vintage porcelain

    Vintage porcelain (19)

    Meet you at five! Splendid and chic. Gorgeous to display but also entirely functional this vintage redesign porcelain can be used every day. All of the elements are individually cut and placed much like a collage. For this collection we use old porcelain to follow the vintage vibe.
  • Plates

    Plates (18)

    Vintage redesign  plates
  • Teacups

    Teacups (14)

    OH lalala! Remake vintage redesign collection. Old charm with new strikingly unique touch.