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All of our porcelain is salvaged, vintage, uniquely customized pieces that we redesigned with lots of love. Robust enough for everyday use, our porcelain will also make a decorative statement on your wall.


Our plates are a definite conversation starter at a dinner party, so make a point of mixing them up. We recommend hand washing to preserve the longevity of the refined adornments.

  • Design Cups

    Design Cups (2)

    Meet you at five! Splendid and chic, gorgeous to display but also entirely functional this design teacups can be used every day. All of the elements are individually cut and placed much like a collage. For this collection we use new porcelain, but we follow the vintage vibe.
  • Plate

    Plate (8)

  • Vintage Redesign Teacups

    Vintage Redesign Teacups (10)

    OH lalala!!!! Remake vintage redesign collection. Choose one of seven designs and we will print it on a beautiful vintage tea cup. These cups have been pre-used and will likely have a patina of age. This should be considered as part of their inherent charm. Old charm with new strikingly unique touche.