Once upone a time tea cup
IMG_1130vintage teacup with gold handelsimg_3425beloOnce upone a time tea cup

Vintage redesign tea cup “Once upon a time “


WOOCS 1.1.8

Vintage redesign tea cup “Happily ever after” is hand made and original. Made with splash of humor and a little bit of ironic.Fantastic for tea party with your friends or for your own relaxing


  • cup  8 cm x 9 cm
  • Side Plate: 22 cm diameter
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • material: Porcelain with print
  • hand paint  24 carat gold handle



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Product Description

Welcome to our tea party.

Vintage redesign tea cup “Happily ever after” is made from fine white porcelain. Tea cup is dishwasher safe and you can use it for all your occasions. New porcelain mixed with pure vintage vibe is ideal for every table setting. Wrapped up in a new context, trivial objects are transformed into bespoke artwork that captures one’s imagination forever.  All pieces are individually redesigned, reinvented and remade, accompanied by sublime graphic messages with a twist of ironic surrealism. Splendid and chic, gorgeous to display but also entirely functional this design teacups can be used every day.


We are using the vintage women photographs as they are our eternal inspiration. Old photos are mixed with dots in all pastel colors. Colored in bright, vivid patterns, vintage nostalgia is fused with passion and joy, painting layers of future over sweet remnants of the past.

Best Gift

We shipping worldwide, and your tea cup is coming in your hands with special packaging, ideal for gift. You can collect all Remake cups from this collection or made your own combination of designs and statement. You and me circus, will make smile your best friend or your love partner. You can make somebody to fell special by telling-Perfect in our imperfection with the tea cup with that title, or just to make some statement with Sex drugs rock and roll tea cup. Choose your own approach by giving Sex drugs, rock and roll tea cup to your mother. For your romantic friend with head in clouds you can try with someday tea cup, just to bring that nostalgic vibes to your friends everyday. You can also combine them with our special collection of design plate with are made to love and collect. Under the stars plate with Someday tea cup can make perfect gift for your best friend. Add some irony by ordering plate for sweets with label- you are my sweet nonsense, complete with tea cup with dots and words-I kiss better then I cook.

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