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A joint venture of painter Antea Arizanovic and stylist Jovana Bozovic, Remake is all about breathing new life into used homeware objects. Featuring original, individually crafted artwork that sheds a different light on forgotten paraphernalia inside vintage kitchen cabinets, Remake’s range of products is both strikingly unique and wonderfully bizarre.

From plates and teacups, bowls, mugs, and cookie jars to pillows, aprons, notebooks, and greeting cards, every object is carefully selected and turned into a brand new, exciting mash-up. After experimenting in hand-painting their first custom-made dinner plate, it didn’t take long for Antea and Jovana to realize they were made for this kind of adventure, turning their playful ideas into actual products that transpose distant memories onto a readymade homeware canvas.

Wrapped up in a new context, trivial objects are transformed into bespoke artwork that captures one’s imagination forever. All pieces are individually redesigned, reinvented, and remade, accompanied by sublime graphic messages with a twist of ironic surrealism. Furthermore, the hallmarks of Remake’s ‘upcycling’ process are underlined by their exclusive limited-edition collections of hand-made objects, such as greeting cards, notebooks, and wall decorations. Colored in bright, vivid patterns, vintage nostalgia is fused with passion and joy, painting layers of future over sweet remnants of the past. This is a strange new world where Audrey Hepburn surfs the MTV, Rene Magritte joins The Neptunes, and Russian babushkas dance with English dandies in a bricolage of style, splendor, and chic.


Gundulićev Venac 24,
11 000 Belgrade Serbia

Tel +381640309209
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