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Remake started with a creative intervention on vintage used porcelain, imprinting a new meaning. Playful colors, dots and original motifs from old ceramic transfers are applied to existing cups, plates and other carefully selected crockery through collage technique Today, the offer expanded to designed porcelain dishes and details for a house worth the next generations’ heritage.

Who is Remake?

about us

The Remake brand was created in 2009 on the initiative of two artists, painter Antee Arizanović Mutaović and costume designer Jovana Božović.

How do they work?

Remake porcelain is divided into two categories. One of them started with an artistic intervention on vintage porcelain. This collection is more than half of their overall production and design. They are made by finding forgotten old household items and intervening artistically on their appearance.
This part of the collection is sustainable and works according to the principles of ecological recycling. There is no waste, as abandoned pieces are used to the maximum. Using vintage porcelain and adding modern charm, forgotten objects find a new purpose by collage technique and manual application of paint and 24k gold.

Every piece is placed in a ceramic oven and re-baked at a temperature of over 800 degrees Celsius. The new print sinks into the glaze and merges with the original motifs.

The second part of the collection was made in cooperation with the oldest Czech porcelain manufactory that has existed since the 17th century. All decorations up to the smallest polka dots are cut and glued. Gold finishing is done with 24-carat gold which is applied with a brush.
They are decorated with the symbol of „The Open Hand“ awarded by the Ministry of Economy of Serbia for entrepreneurs who nurture the principles of old crafts and handicrafts.


Gundulićev Venac 24,
11 000 Belgrade Serbia

Tel +381640309209
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