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Lazy day

To su oni dani , kad je krevet naš najbolji prijatelj. Brend Remake vam pomaže da ti trenutci postanu posebni. Naša kolekcija vintage šolja pravi nasu svakodnevnicu posebnom. vintage teacup “love vintage redesign tea cup time for me vintage tea cup “once upon a time…”

Remake giving time

It is our favorite time of the year – time to gift! Remake is preparing 14 gifts, beautifully wrapped just for your loved ones. You can choose a present for your IDEALIST boyfriend, your globetrotting HIGH HEEL TRAVELLER friend or the notorious GREAT KISSER. And there’s even more more irresistible packagings to choose from. Love Hunter or Drama Queen – just pick your favorite! Dedicate it to your mom, sister, boyfriend – anyone you .