Prikazani svi od ukupno 3 rezultata

  • Remake u svoje kolekcije ugrađuje printove i vezove koje sami skiciraju i crtaju. Majica kratkih rukava “Poljubac” mešavina je mekog pamuka i  pamucne kragne od kosuljara , u crnoj je boji, ima V izrez i belu kragnu. Spojite je uz laganu jaknu ili dzemper i omiljeni par farmerki.

  • Remake majica inspirisana je vecito aktuelnim stilom 70 ih godina.Ova majica nosi za nas jako vaznu poruku, a ujedno je i naslov hipie hita koji volimo da slusamo.

  • Zimska marama Ljubav


    Topla marama za glavu, biće odlična zamena za zimske kape i učiniće da izgledate prefinjeno i elegantno u zimskim danima.


    Shipping and Payment


    Remake delivers worldwide. Shipping is Europe and region-free. It is already included in the price. Customers from Serbia are paying to ship. We do deliveries in cooperation with the postal services (Post of Serbia). We will provide you with the tracking number so you can „track and trace“ your order anytime you like. Your order should reach you in 5 to 15 working days.


    We are accepting only PayPal users because, for customers, it is only one totally safe solution.

    It Is very easy to open a PayPal account, and it takes just a few minutes.

    You can register here:

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    Please also note that Serbia is not a member of the European Union, and all duties and taxes incurred in the country of destination are the customer’s responsibility. We recommend that you check import duties and fees in your country before place an order.



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