Re-make, re-cycle, re-open

Re-make, re-cycle, re-open

Re-make, re-cycle, re-open…. Last year was more like one step forward two steps back, we all felt like that at some point, trapped. Lack of inspiration, lack of motivation, change craving.

Light is always at the end of the tunnel.

Remake got invited to take a joyful RETRO ride through it, accompanied by the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

30. years after opening and successful business, project leader Amanda Richter lovely and ambitious lady decided to make a re-opening of the Tea house.

A breath of freshness that would keep the spirit of the first uniforms created by our famous fashion designer Verica Rakočević.

So yeah, this was our call, pulling out old porcelain from the hotel’s pantry.

White porcelain teapots, cups, and trays are scattered on the table of our studio.

24. karats liquid gold, brushes, ideas are steady and ready.

Patchwork technique and hand painting have created a new dish outfit that has lived between 302 rooms and 39 suites for years.

Tea house in all its glory, a combination between delicious creamy desserts and tasty warm tea. Laughs, good company, and sparky porcelain.

Remake is grateful for the trust and opportunity to participate in this beautiful project.

Author: Marina Trifunovic


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